This blog will be a log of the ideas that we would like to remember, keep track of, pursue, reference later, or be sure to implement in your future classrooms. Each of you will contribute to this blog once per week. You should write about:

  • ideas and artifacts from assigned readings
  • instructional methods that you were subjected to or read about
  • tasks that you came across
  • teaching tips and implementation ideas
  • resources (include a URL, description and your reactions/reflections)
  • takeaways from a class session

You should write at least two paragraphs reflecting on the item that you choose to put into this implementation journal. There may be more than one entry per week if you would like.

What is the item? (URL if possible)
Where did you come across it?
What did it make you think about?
How will you use the information?
What adjustments/modification to the idea have you thought about?
What thinking beyond the original idea was spurred?
How/what other resources have you pursued about this idea?
Include at least one other resource.