Mathematics in the Classroom or the Real World

Throughout grade school we always heard our math teachers say things like “math is so important and will be used in almost everyones daily life.” But they rarely showed us to what extent this was true. I could see using estimation when shopping or ratios when using models but for other math lessons, it was often very difficult to determine where exactly one might use this in real life. Studies have shown that students are more engaged and motivated to learn math if they can see a reason and use for the material. After talking about 3-ACT math tasks in class, I was trying to think of more time-effective activities that students could do to see math in daily life. I came across an article called The Educator’s Guide to Applying RrReal-World Math: 15 Resources with over 100 Lesson Plans, written by HomeAdvisor.

This article talks about using connections between math and the real world for kindergarten through high school. They discuss having students drawing scaled models of their classroom using ratios and proportions and use probability for gambling situations. As a teacher, coming up with real world application problems for every lesson can be a challenge. This website gives applications for many lessons that are very helpful in engaging students in the material. It also discusses how lecture is important to teach certain concepts.

Geometry within a Bridge


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